Reviews 2017 – 2018

2018 WI Conference in Cardiff

Marion Hodson and Liza Nicholson attended the NFWI conference. Liza as a link delegate and Marion as an observer.
The Motorpoint arena held 4020 delegates, and to hear them all sing Jerusalem at the opening of the conference was awesome! The hall had been decorated in purple, green and white, as a tribute to the suffragette movement.
Lynne Stubbings, NFWI chair, 1 year in post, introduced herself and the whole board of trustees. She came across as an interesting and passionate member of the WI. She reflected on positive achievements, plus things to look forward to.

WI Resolution for 2018
Mental Health Matters
This was proposed with a summary of what it meant.
Speaker for; Dr Andrew Mounski – In summary he said that in 10 years, mental health care would be more of a burden on resources than Heart disease and cancer because the funding in mental health is far, far less than in other areas of medicine.
Vote results.. 98% FOR

1st Guest Speaker- Dame Stella Rimington
As the first female leader of MI5 she had a great many stories to tell. She was inspiring, funny, smart and passionate about the role of women.
Luckily she is now a great author, so you can read all about it.

2nd Guest speaker – Mr Huw Edwards
His presentation took on the feel of an after dinner speech, with jokes, anecdotes and his experiences. He talked about journalism today and social media, and was asked to do ‘That Face’, which he does when he wants someone to shut up and move on.
He was a good speaker, but Dame Stella was a hard act to follow.

Finally.. we sang Jerusalem, the national anthem, and Land of my Fathers in Welsh! Obviously, many members were aware that this would be the case, as they had definitely practiced… I could only Hum!

Author and Photo: Liza Nicholson

Glatton WI Review 2017

We started the year with a new committee and two new members. Marion Hodson, friend and work colleague of Sue Williams, came to Glatton WI,  1st as a guest, then as a dual member of both Glatton and Holme, and has now kindly agreed to be our new president.
Joan Meiklejohn is acting as our new secretary and I have taken on the role of treasurer. After many years, Doreen has stepped down as treasurer but will be on hand to help me if necessary.
In January we met for supper at the Admiral Wells in Holme to celebrate the New Year and a New number of members to the WI, now standing at…. 21At the February meeting, Ian Meiklejohn shared his experience of exploring the Arctic, mapping wildlife and vegetation with a team of other likeminded and robust men and women.
The programme for the year ahead is prepared, and as usual, looks interesting and entertaining.

In March we made Scotch Eggs, under the supervision of Sue Williams and Marion Hodson, with ingredients supplied from the butchery.
Marion bought in a fryer, so some of us cooked them that evening, whilst others took the Scotch egg home and baked it in the oven instead of frying. Either way, they were delicious.

We had a Visitor from Abbots Ripton WI in April, Lesley Andrews. She had prepared a quiz on the 60’s, which was such a great decade to learn about as we took part in the quiz. 60’s music played all evening, and we were very grateful to Lesley for all the work she put in.
May’s meeting was a knit & natter evening, which also combined discussing WI resolution. This fitted in really well, as one of the resolution is about ‘fibre pollution in the sea’ much of which comes from washing fleecy clothes, and scouring dishes with plastic/nylon fibres. So, a decision was made that we would all knit proper, strong and sturdy cotton dishcloths, and sell them at the Glatton Village fete to raise awareness.  Look out for them on our WI plant stall.

Summer review
Judy Scorer hosted a Cookery evening at her house, with a demonstration by Mrs Midge Woodward. She was like our own local ‘Mary Berry’, as she started her career in a similar way, demonstrating in the home, to housewives with new Gas cookers – I think Mary was with the electricity board.

She made a number of ‘everyday meals’ and treats, all of which we sampled.
We hadn’t started the evening with the usual ‘Health & Safety’ talk that seems obligatory these days, but at one stage in the evening, windows had to be opened and the fire escapes noted!   Good to think that even professionals’ burn things!

Our summer outing was to see Hobson’s choice at Tolthorp, with a chance to picnic before the performance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, and the weather was good. I didn’t attend as I spent 3 weeks touring Germany, which was such an adventure, I may need to present at the WI myself!

We had our usual Garden party with Games, this time it was hosted in Yaxley at Barbara’s house… This evening it did rain…. so we were indoors.
We had a change of speaker in September, at the last minute a lady from Holme WI stepped in to talk about Holmewood Hall, the History, family and its importance during the war.

End of Year 2017
Glatton WI hosted a ‘Group Meeting’ in October, so we were joined by members from other nearby WI Groups. We had invited retired tennis referee, Mr Alan Gray, who lives in Stamford. His subject was entitled “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!” reflecting his time spent at Wimbledon. He had many interesting stories….. as you can imagine.

Our annual meeting in November saw the same three officers reappointed in their current roles. The very hard working, Joan, Marion and Liza.  After our first year getting to grips with things, we are all hoping for a smooth running second year.

Author: Liza Nicholson

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