Reviews 2015 – 2016

September Meeting 2016

We had a talk from Dr David Wilkinson, who was representing ‘Water Aid’ a charity that brings Simple, Sustainable Solutions to isolated locations in need of clean water and toilets. They use local knowledge and local labour and ensure the end product can be maintained locally, with no cost.
Earth toilets are dug, giving locals an hygienic way of dealing with waste and finally producing ‘manure’ for the fields.
At our meeting, £95.00 was raised/donated for the charity, and in our thank you letter, David gave us an historic example of the help our money would achieve. In a remote village called Lovasoa, in Madagascar, Wateraid have installed ‘taps & toilets’ – a gravity fed system that gives water to 390 local people. One grandma said she has waited over 30 yrs for this, putting an end to the need of countless trips,  hiking across difficult terrain just to fill a bucket of water.

October Meeting 2016
We welcomed Joyce Payne to our meeting, and she spoke about ‘her life as a court dressmaker’. She was funny, talented and interesting, plus she is still working at 84 years young!

However, the biggest star of the evening was Audrey, celebrating her 90th Birthday with all her friends at WI.
Author: Liza Nicholson

Glatton WI Summer Outing – Jordan Mills – 9th June 2016
More than 20 of us visited Jordans Mill, near Biggleswade, for our Summer outing. We were joined by a few husbands, and a few of us, that would normally be at work, had taken a day off.
The weather was lovely, and the Historic Flour Mill, with its Riverside Cafe, Shop and Gardens was busy with visitors enjoying the day out.
We had booked a tour of the Mill, which included seeing the milling machinery working using water power from the river Ivel, which flows directly underneath. The Mill has been completely restored since it finished Milling on the site, in the year 2000.
We all enjoyed Afternoon Tea in one of the Function Rooms overlooking the river and gardens.
It is well worth another visit, so for anyone who is interested; Open 7 days a week, 9 – 5 pm, with three Mill tours a day (£5.50). It is situated about 2 miles from the A1, exit at the Biggleswade roundabout and follow the signs.
Author: Liza Nicholson

Quarter One 2016
We celebrated the New Year for Glatton WI with an evening at the Admiral Wells Pub & restaurant in Holme. Eighteen members sat down for supper together and we discussed plans for the year ahead.
At our February meeting we were very fortunate to have an excellent speaker, Mr Trevor Gunton. He had spent a number of years on Cruise Ships, giving entertaining and educational talks about wildlife. His delivery of the subject ‘I know an Island’ gave testiment to his great knowledge and presentation skills.
He talked about a number of different Islands around the UK and the wildlife that would call them ‘home’, including, Mull with it’s Golden Eagles and Otters, Brownsea with its resident Red Squirrels and Bardsey with Grey Seals.
paxton pits
He is a ‘patron’ for Paxton Pits Nature Reserve at Little Paxton. Here you can find the largest and most accessible number of singing nightingales in Cambridgeshire.

In March we welcomed Karen Bramer from the Stamford Cheese Cellar. We tasted more cheese than is probably recommended, but it was all delicious! Stamford Cheese Cellar

Karen spoke passionately about ‘Artisan Cheese’ from the UK. The cheese is made on the Farm where the cows are kept.

Next month is going to be a ‘Cuddly, Wuddley, Chocolate evening’ – Another challenge to our waistlines!
Author: Liza Nicholson

November/December 2015 WI Meetings
We held our AGM in November, and were very fortunate to have the present members willing to stand for office again this year. Jean Greaves remains as our President, Hilary Simpson as Vice, Secretary, Ann Blair, with other members helping out with minutes and other Admin duties, and last but not least, Doreen Perry remains as our Treasurer
The meeting kicked off with a delicious Fish and chip supper a glass or two of something ‘refreshing’, lots of thanks to members for their help throughout the year and the business was quite quickly concluded.

We met in December for a Christmas themed evening. We had a carol ‘sing along’ with Joan Meiklejohn playing the electric guitar, (some of us were trying to get in some much needed practice before the Church Carol Service on Sunday)
We also played some really good family party games, which most of us are going to try to replicate with our friends and families over Christmas.
We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Author: Liza Nicholson

Glatton WI bag makingOctober Meeting
We had a members craft evening this month, we were all going to be shown how to make a simple, but beautiful bag. We didn’t need to bring any material etc. as it was a demonstration, more than a ‘hands on’ making one.
However… the competition was a craft item made by yourself. I whizzed round the house looking at various knitted toys I had made in the 1990’s, I also have a few drawings & paintings I had done… not happy with them either. I then remembered the christening shawl I had lovingly knitted for my first son, Tim, and amazingly I could find it, I was equally amazed that the moths hadn’t!
It looked a little ‘unloved’ but I took it anyway. I didn’t win a prize, a much more deserving hand made quilt was far more admired.
The next day the shawl was carefully washed in delicately fragranced suds, dried in the lovely autumn breeze, and packed away, sealed against the moths. I felt like a winner then.

Its the AGM next month, lets hope there is a queue at the door for new committee members. All attendees will be rewarded with a Fish & Chip supper.
Author: Liza Nicholson

September WI Meeting
The guest speaker at our meeting was Mrs Nicki Sly, from Bramble Lodge Great Stukeley. She came with photos, wool samples, feed and enthusiasm to talk about her own experience of rearing and keeping Alpacas.
It all started when her family bought a property with a rather large garden and lawn to mow. After a period of time (when mowing seemed to take up most of the weekend) they decided to find suitable grazing animals to help. After much research, Alpacas were decided upon. Three were bought first, with one of the females being pregnant. Soon the flock numbers increased and so it goes on.
The Alpacas need to be sheared once a year and then the wool is sold for making various products. It is so incredibly soft to the touch and without dyeing, comes in a variety of natural colours from white, through fawn, grey, brown to black. Nicki keeps her Alpacas as Pets, earning a bit of money through talks to groups, such as WI, and experience days at Bramble Lodge.

August Meeting – Garden Party
Our scheduled meeting, which was to be held in Hilary’s Garden, was re located to the Village hall as rain was forecast, and boy oh boy did it rain….and thunder.
We had a ‘games evening’ that everyone could enjoy. Our traditional game of Bowling for a Pig was very successful, as always.
Mary lent us a set of her indoor bowls that we could use on the wooden floor. They went fast and furious, and as I gave myself the job of ‘wicket keeper’, I got more exercise than most!
Audrey, who has poor eye sight beat us all, so a very well done. Her prize was a beautiful
2 D wooden Pig & piglets, the piglets tucked under the sows tummy like a little jigsaw puzzle, very quaint.
We also had a go at; Throwing a sailing rope the furthest, taking pegs off a line with 1 hand (highest number wins), and playing Rummikub.

Next month our meeting is all about Alpacas, I’m hoping Nicki is bringing one with her!
Author: Liza Nicholson.

May 2015 Meeting
We were very appreciative to Mr Alan Lamb, a Fenland Story teller, who filled in at the last minute, as our scheduled speaker was unable to join us.
Alan, who was born in Sutton St Edmund, Lincolnshire, but now lives in Farcet, had come to tell just a few short tales, but ended up keeping us entertained for almost an hour.
His gentle south Lincolnshire accent and his unassuming manner enabled those listening to become completely immersed in his stories.
Alan regularly attends different groups and meetings and imparts Fenland Fables, Tales and Folklore.
Another fact of great interest. Iris has celebrated another birthday, 91 yrs young. Happy Birthday Iris X
Author: Liza Nicholson


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