Reviews 2013 – 2014

September Meeting
Jean, our Vice President, welcomed Mr Luke Norton, a modern romantic poet.
He was joined by two companions, Myles Usher ( Jean’s nephew) and Bobby Goalding ( a FILM DIRECTOR!!). See Video at:,d.ZGU
Myles introduced Luke to the group & Bobby took up position as ‘camera man’, to film and record the meeting.
Luke described himself as a ‘Modern Romantic Poet’ and read out 20 pieces of his work, which he had prepared especially, and dedicated to the WI.
The poems were about Love, Loss, Imagination and Dreams. They were both moving and imaginative, and really enjoyed by all.
Luke’s aspiration is to visit 12 different WI’s around the country and inspire the members to recreate any of his poems as an illustration via arts or craft medium. This could then be created into 12 ‘calendar’ pieces for the WI, more ‘Calendar poetry’, rather then ‘Calendar Girls!’
Jean thanked Luke, Myles and Bobby for their visit to our WI, the 2nd one so far.
Author: Liza Nicholson

August Meeting
This month we had a Garden Party at one of our members houses. Luckily we were able to enjoy the evening games, with no disruption from the recent inclement weather.
We played, bowling for a pig ( on this occasion the Pig was knitted) and ‘The Peg Game’ – this required large hands and dexterity to remove and hold, as many pegs from a washing line as you could, using only one hand.  The winner held the most pegs ….15!
Our competition was A flower from my Garden (see picture). WI competition
Refreshment were bought along by all of us, and shared.

Next month we have an interesting speaker, Mr Luke Norton whose subject is Modern romantic poetry, he will join us on Thursday 11th September at 7.15pm in the Village Hall. Please come along if you would like.
Author: Liza Nicholson

May’s Meeting
We had a talk and demonstration of Tai Chi by Helen Trill. She has been a local Tai Chi teacher of a few years. She got into it because she had suffered for many years with a serious back problem and after being sporty as a youngster was frustrated at not being able to exercise. The Tai Chi exercise and philosophy has changed her life .. for the better. Although we listened to the talk all about the history and types of Tai Chi, I found the most interesting part of the evening was when we actually had a go ourselves. We may not have looked very elegant, but we felt very serene & oriental!
We all rewarded ourselves with Tea, pork pie(from Sue) and Cake(from Liza) and sang Happy Birthday to Iris…..90 years young X x
Author: Liza Nicholson

March WI Meeting
We welcomed one new member and one visitor to the meeting this month. A number of old and unusual knives had been brought along for the competition, ‘A Cheese Knife’ – ready to be judged by our speaker from the Stamford Cheese Cellar.
At the last minute the speaker had cancelled due to a family emergency, we all hope everything is OK for her family, but were disappointed not to hear her. Luckily Ann had already found a replacement, Kate Dunn, who has an interest in natural product dyeing, and weaving .‘from plant to product’
I can now see a use for all the dark staining I get on my hands during the walnut clear up! It actually makes a lovely warm brown dye for material.
Author: Liza Nicholson

February WI Meeting
Mrs Kate Cunningham from Yaxley joined us for the evening to show us a technique for making jewellery by hand.  She used ‘silver clay’ to capture a fingerprint from one of our members. This was dried and baked, and miraculously turned into a silver pendant.
She took up this hobby/business quite recently, and her interest and passion for the art was very evident.
After the meeting had closed we had a chance to buy some handmade jewellery from her display….needless to say, we were all tempted!

Glatton WI had its first meeting for 2014.
Over a very nice pub supper we discussed the program for the year ahead…
Speakers, competitions, refreshment, raffle rota and the bring & buy dates
were more or less sorted by dessert!
Once the program has been finalized and printed I will share the dates and activities on the W.I page.
Please join us as a ‘visitor’, you would be most welcome.
Author: Liza Nicholson

October WI Meeting – Line Dancing Demonstration
On the 10th October, we had the pleasure of the company of Mr Keith Geary and his wife. He has a line dancing class in Sawtry on a Wednesday evening, and had come along to our meeting to give us a ‘taster’
We went through about 5 routines, and discovered how to ‘Twizzle’, ‘Grape vine’ and ‘Box step’ – amongst other things!
We all really enjoyed it … Thank you Keith.
Author: Liza Nicholson

September WI Meeting
This month we met at the village hall for our usual meeting, covering business, and discussing past, present and future events.
We then took a stroll across the road, by kind invitation of Sue Williams, to learn about making pork pies.
Firstly the pastry was made….we were all given a piece of our own so that we could feel the texture – firm, elastic and smooth. We all took that piece and some more, back home to try some recipes of our own.
Sue’s tips

  • On pastry – roll some ‘left over’ out flat, pop in the oven, spread with jam……….delicious (don’t even consider the calories!)
  • On lid’s – make sure the pastry is wet enough to give a good seal
  • On meat – choose a cut with a good % of fat to make the pie meat really ‘sweet’

Audrey led us back to the village hall as the only sensible adult with a torch! Once there, we enjoyed delicious refreshments. Next month we can look forward to Line dancing, where we can burn off some of the calories from this month!
Author: Liza Nicholson

August WI Meeting
This month’s meeting was a Garden Party at one of our members’ houses.
The usual meeting business was discussed first, before we got on to the ‘real entertainment’ – Garden games.
Some of the activities required lack of inhibitions and a good bra! Namely: skipping and hula hoops. The main game of the evening, which everyone took part in and enjoyed, was ‘Bowling for a pig’.
This is a very old and traditional game where the best player with the highest score wins a PIG.
Our lucky winner took home a Pet Pig tabletop crumb vacuum cleaner! Easier to look after, and cleans up for you, rather than making a mess for you to clean up!
All members brought along a plate of food, for our ‘bring and share’ picnic, the food choices ranged from fat-free rice & bean loaf ( my Slimming world recipe) to delicious meringues with cream…….
Author: Liza Nicholson.

Glatton WI Summer Outing

WI outing July 2013For their 2013 summer outing on the 11th July, the Glatton WI had a most enjoyable evening visiting Kathy Brown’s Garden at The Manor House in Stevington, near Bedford.
The garden is glorious and beautifully presented. It is full of interesting areas and even has two gardens representing the purples and greens of the artist, Rothka.
There are many varieties of roses, mostly ramblers which meander around the trees and shrubs creating a fantastic colour display. There is also a depiction of the famous court case of Nicholas Fouquet, with clipped hedges representing the 12 jurors.WI outing 2013 (2)
The garden has many distinctive styles, including some wonderful containers in the old fish pond – this is shown in one of the photos.
Kathy also specialises in growing edible flowers for her spectacular cakes. We finished off our most interesting tour with tea and flower flavoured cakes in the conservatory of the Manor House.
The Manor House itself is steeped in history. It has all the usual periods of proper and disrepair, eventually being bought by the Duke of Bedford in 1874. He built the current Manor House that the present owners, Simon and Kathy Brown purchased in the 1990’s.
We can certainly recommend this visit as a must to all garden lovers.

Author: Liza Nicholson.

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