Village Hall Survey

This photo was taken on 24th of May 1952 at the official opening of Glatton Village Hall.

Now, some 68 years later, the 2020 Village Hall Committee, under the Chairmanship of Terry Brignall, has commissioned a report by a survey company on the state and condition of our Village Hall. 

The report has now been received and it does not make pretty reading.  In short, something MUST be done now if Glatton wants future generations to have the use of its own Village Hall.

It is not just a question of putting a new roof on the building and giving it a make-over. The structure is getting to the end of its useful life and if nothing is done  there is the likelihood of it being turned into a car park, leaving the village without a social hub for events, training sessions, village meetings, other than the pub or church. This would leave  the church without the use of toilet and changing facilities for events such as weddings, funerals, and christenings.

During next week you will receive a community survey for your household to complete. It will be collected from your door on the 29th May 2020.

This survey has tremendous implications for Glatton Village and it is important you all take part.  Please don’t be indifferent – have your say in this survey.


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  1. Paul Hardy says:

    This is the Village history and should if at all possible be kept and used, to many little bits in villages like this get lost, and then there gone forever .

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