Village Hall

VH RentalVillage Hall Committee:
Elected Members:
Terry Brignall – Chairman
Paul Williams – Vice Chairman
Jane Jones – Treasurer
Lisa Smith – Secretary
Representative Members:
Steve Smith – Parish Council
TBD – Glatton Parochial Church Council
Helen Ford remains as unelected Bookings Rep.

2Village Hall Refurbishment December 2016.
Refurbishment of Original Pine Floor circa 1954

The floor in Glatton Village Hall is 64 years old and has been causing problems in recent years. Despite being regularly maintained, sanded and lacquered the floor had become a recurring topic at Committee Meetings because, although the wooden planks were sound, the random appearance of nails and splinters were increasingly endangering hall users.3
One of several protruding nails.

The village hall is a popular venue for children’s parties where bouncy castles can be inflated inside the hall. These have proved very popular but, when a bouncy castle is in use, children often play barefoot or wearing only socks. The hall is also used by martial arts clubs who train in bare feet. The Committee concluded that the risk to users, and the legal liability to the village hall, had become unacceptable and action was required as a matter of urgency. The Committee also acknowledged that the hall needed the rental income to fund running costs and that the village hall was one of the few facilities available to the community and consequently there was both a community and a social responsibility to ensure the floor was “fit for purpose”.

So, after examining the floor’s supporting cross members, a solution was agreed: to make a significant investment in re-flooring the hall. At a cost of £3,896 (material cost only).
Champion Flooring Ltd laid a new, 15mm engineered oak floor on top of a premium quality damp proof wooden flooring underlay and then coated it with two coats of premium quality industrial lacquer to give the floor extra longevity. Very generously, Mr Steven Smith offered to fund the labour costs.

Glatton Village Hall now has a greatly depleted savings account but a safe, functional and attractive floor that should serve the community well for the next two decades at least!


New Oak Flooring

Author and Photos: Terry Brignall.

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