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Defibrilator 2A defibrillator is fitted to the front of Glatton Village Hall. This life saving equipment is portable and available for anyone in need to use.  It is  centrally located on the Village Hall front wall in High Haden Road. The procedure to follow regarding the defibrillator is as follows:

1. If you think someone is having a heart attack ring 999, start CPR if necessary.
2. The operator will tell you the location of the nearest defibrillator and the code to             access the box.
3. The defibrillator is designed to enable it to be used by anyone and it ‘talks‘ you through the process.

Yaxley: Lakeside Healthcare at Yaxley

img041Crime Stoppers




CARESCO: is a unique charity based in the village of Sawtry, near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, which exists to serve the local community. Under the CARESCO umbrella are a number of community projects including day care for the elderly, housebound and socially isolated, our community print shop, a drop-in coffee shop and a second-hand clothes shop. Each is run by a small number of paid staff and a large team of volunteers.  The bi-monthly publication ‘Sawtry Eye’ gives contact information for local business and activities within the area.

Citizens Advice Bureau: Citizens Advice Bureau

Fly Tipping – To report anything suspicious please contact – Huntingdon District Council
by using this link.

HACT Providing Door to door transport for Huntingdonshire.

Refuse Collections in Glatton Huntingdon District Council

Sawtry Car Scheme Operated by CARESCO  Sawtry Car Scheme .

Support for Adults and old People
If you need information or advice on a range of issues such as care and support, health, staying safe, being independent, caring for others or things to do, we can help.
Please see attached information: Support for Adults and Older People issued by Cambridgeshire County Council.