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St. Nicholas’ Christmas Fayre – 22nd November 2014
The Village Hall was truly decked out with a festive potpourri of Christmas goodies on sale and lots of games to enjoy. The generosity of the community in their donations was for all to see, not least on the cake stand where even the standards of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ would have been challenged by some of the splendid Christmas icing decorations on display. A serious number of large and small teddies were seen exiting the building at the end of the Fayre, as well as some wonderful local produce and craft presents.
With a mince pie, mulled wine and some Christmas music we were able to entice nearly a hundred through the doors of the Village Hall. We raised £919, before expenses, towards the Church roof repair for which we are very grateful for your donations, handiwork and support on the day.

St. Nicholas’ Cheese and Wine – 8th November 2014
The fire glowed in the hearth which was a very inviting sight with the candle lit tables. The company was relaxed as we all sat around chatting to friends and enjoying cheese and pate with crusty bread.
We raised £513 before expenses which will be added to the roof fund, on which the work will start after Christmas. Thank you to all who supported us again.
Author: Roger Dewar.

St. Nicholas’ Open Air Worship Service – 20 July 2014
An open air worship service was held on the Village Green where we were able to choose and sing our favorite hymns to Pam’s travelling electric piano. Why outside? It follows that, as the people are ‘the church’, we need to take the church to the village as much as the village to the church building. What a great place to hold a Service – to witness to the hustle and bustle of the crossroads travellers passing through Glatton.
Author: John Pigott.

St. Nicholas’ Safari Lunch
- 12 July 2014

A new event for many saw 35 enjoy a roving meal across the village on one of the best summer days you could wish for. Starting off at the Church for aperitifs the group descended upon Helen for starters, Judy for the main course and Shirley for sweets/puds and coffee. All enjoying the wonderful spread set before us we had a great time and not least we were able to raise in excess of £500 towards the Church roof repairs. Our thanks to all of our hard working lunch hosts.
Author: John Pigott.

St Nicholas Plant Sale May 2014

Despite a threatening weather forecast, the Glatton sun prevailed and encouraged many in the village and passing cars to enjoy the extensive Plant Sale. We were delighted to see so many stop by throughout the day, enabling us to raise a staggering £751 towards the replacement of the Church Chancel Roof.   Thank you to all for your generous support!

Author: John Pigott
Photographer: Terry Brignall.

Quiz Night – 8th March 2014
A highly successful Quiz Night was held in the Village Hall on Saturday, 8th March 2014 with 90+ people attending, which raised a further £1,100 towards the Roof Fund for St. Nicholas Church.
Malcolm Ward was the Quizmaster for the evening and kept everyone in order! After the first half of the quiz a Shepherd’s Pie and peas supper was served, followed by various crumbles, all courtesy of the hard working ladies of the committee.
At the completion of the quiz the winning team was ‘Cider with Rosie‘, which derived it’s name solely because one of the team was drinking cider! Each of the 8 members of the winning team received a prize of a bottle of Veuve du Vernay – very nice!
The evening was great fun.

St Nicholas New Year Lunch – January 2014
On a cold day 6o people gathered in the village hall for the annual New Year dinner. With a glowing fire everyone enjoyed beautiful roast pork (from the Williams) and all the trimmings, followed by delicious puddings. The event raised £800 towards the roof fund. Thank you to all who supported us and cooked.
Author: Shirley Dewar.

St. Nicholas’  Cheese and Wine
Although the event was not well attended the atmosphere was great, and
everyone seemed to enjoy themselves chatting with friends around the fire by
candlelight. The evening raised over £300, so thank you to all who supported the
event, every penny helps towards the repair of the Chancel roof.
Author: Shirley Dewar.

Messy Church – July 2013
Messy Church “Jesus at the seaside” was enjoyed by all who attended. We enjoyed exploring some of the seaside stories from the bible through art and craft, music and story time. We all especially enjoyed the tea of  fish nuggets followed by ice cream cornets.

If you would like to be part of our next messy church, it will be taking place at Glatton Village Hall on Saturday 21st September 2pm-4pm. Come along (bring your mum and dad, grannie and grandad) and join in the fun.
Author: Helen Ford
Photos: Rosie Ward.

Auction of Promises – 13 July 2013
A huge thank you to all who donated promises and those who came and bought on the evening. On a very hot sticky evening a great time was had by all, as the bartering echoed from one side of the hall to the other. We raised a staggering £2800 on the evening and donations from people who could not attend are still coming in. This will make a big difference to our savings for the chancel roof. So thank you everyone.
Author: Shirley Dewar.

Fete – 8th June 2013
Well! it may have been June but it was a dull day with a cold wind. Friends came and took part but did not stay long. However, the amount raised was a staggering £1048.56 which will be put in the roof fund. Many thanks to all the people who donated, manned stalls and came to support us to make a dull day such a success.

Author: Shirley Dewar
Photos: Terry Brignall.

St Nicholas Plant Sale May 2013
On Saturday the rain kept off but the wind blew, yet still the supporters of the Plant Sale came out in crowds. We were thrilled at the support from the village and the passing trade, enabling us to raise £615 which will go towards the replacement of the Chancel  Roof.

Author: Shirley Dewer.

Messy Church – 29th March 2013
March 29th marked our first Messy Church event held in Glatton Village Hall. There was a range of fun, hands on Easter activities including card making and chocolate Easter nests. This was followed by a story, song and then afternoon tea. The afternoon was enjoyed by young and older alike.

The next Messy Church will be ‘Jesus at the seaside’ to be held in Glatton Village hall on Saturday 20th July 2-4pm. Come along and enjoy some messy fun. All welcome.
Author: Helen Ford
Photos: Roger Dewar.

St Nicholas Quiz night.
On a very cold snowy evening 67 people gathered in the village hall for a quiz night. With a blazing fire and good food we had an enjoyable evening raising £881 for the roof fund.
Many thanks to all our supporters.
Author: Shirley Dewar

St Nicholas Afternoon Tea. 
St Nicholas started its outreach to the community service with an Afternoon Tea in the Village Hall on Wednesday 16th at 3pm. What a great success it was. 23 people (including 4 gentlemen) sat down to tea and scones with jam and cream and cakes. The warmth from the fire and the great company made for a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon. We hope this will be the first of many and will grow as the months go on. It would be good to see some young Mums with children as well. This will be repeated each 3rd Wednesday of the month so we hope to see you and your friends on the 20th February.
Author: Shirley Dewar

St Nicholas New Year Lunch
On a cool day the Village Hall was packed with people enjoying a roast pork dinner followed by lots of delicious deserts. The warm atmosphere and generosity of the villagers enabled the church to raise £881 for the church roof appeal. Many thanks to everyone for their support.
Author: Shirley Dewar

Christmas Fayre
What a wonderful day we had last Saturday for the Christmas Fayre. The whole hall looked very Christmassy and obviously our visitors enjoyed the goods and atmosphere, as we raised the largest amount ever for a Christmas Fayre . The £934 raised was tremendous and we would like to thank the village and villages around who supported us. This will go towards the £50,000 we need to raise for a new Chancel roof. Thankyou.
Author: Shirley Dewar.

St Nicholas Cheese and Wine
Whilst the fire glowed and the candles flickered we all sat around chatting to friends and enjoying a cheese and pâté supper washed down with a glass of wine. Many thanks to all who supported us and helped us raise £550 for the roof repair fund.
Roger Dewar – October 2012

Plant Sale

Plant Sale – 5th May 2012
This is the first time the Church has organised a plant sale on the Green. Thankfully it didn’t rain but was pretty cold.  However, it was very successful raising nearly £500.00.  Thanks go to Dick and Pam Tuplin, who provided the majority of the plants, and to everyone else who provided plants and gave their time to man the stall.
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