Harvest Festival 2015

“Harvest at Glatton Church.
The church decoration was stunning, showing all the fruits of the earth in all the colours imaginable. The ladies and men worked together preparing the displays (and clearing up) on Friday and Saturday morning. Laughter was shared as things didn’t quite go to plan but finally the job was done. Several people visited the church on Saturday afternoon to view the displays and have a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit or two. Fruit juice was the preferred choice of smaller people. It was heartening to see the visitors and see how much they appreciated what they were seeing.

Then we went home to bake puddings, prepare salads and potatoes, ready for the Harvest Supper on the Sunday evening in the Village Hall. The ham and pork pies were given to us by Sue and John Williams, such great kindness. We set up the Hall on Sunday morning ready for the Harvest Supper later that day and continued with the food preparation.

At 4pm, Rev Imogen Falvey led our Harvest Service introducing us to a tree bearing the ‘fruits of the spirit’. The organist, Jackie Pigott, played for the congregation to sing the traditional harvest hymns with gusto. The children helped by distributing mustard seeds which Rev Imogen used to illustrate how the smallest thing can grow into something big. We are blessed in Glatton with the feelings that God is around us in all the produce that grows here.

The Harvest Supper was tasty and filling with such a superb choice of salads and puddings. We had over 70 people attending. Then John began the auction of the produce from the gifts given in the church with bidding for each lot reaching interesting heights! Then clearing up and going home to continue talking about the day’s happenings.

A most entertaining end to the harvest thanksgiving.”

The profit from the Harvest Festival was £636.00.

Author: Joan Micklejohn.
Photography: Terry Brignall.

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