Harvest Festival 2012

What a fabulous weekend at St Nicholas, the flower arrangements look terrific, the donations of fruit and vegetables added to the splendour and the scarecrows were magnificent.
The favourite scarecrow was the diver which was by the rood screen door preparing to launch on to the congregation. The Olympic theme was portrayed by cyclists, a horse rider, a badminton player, judo fighters and a fencer.  Then there was the excellent Paralympics blade runner.  All were directed to their places by the Games Maker sitting and pointing the way to go. The Queen herself was parachuting in from the bell tower over a street party of children eating cakes celebrating her Jubilee.  Even the vicars were decked out in red, white and blue for the occasion.  Rev. Rosie Ward was present all afternoon to receive the generous donations of £1600 from the parish towards the upkeep of this ancient church which is at the centre of the village.
After the Harvest Festival Service the fruit and vegetables were transported to the hall. Everyone enjoyed a splendid supper and bidded furiously for the produce.
The supper raised £830 for the church, and the auction of produce and plants raised £210 for ‘Our Fathers House’ in Brazil, which provides a home for the street children.

Author: Shirley Dewar
Photos: Terry Brignall.

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