Edith Cavell Commemoration 2015

‘The Edith Cavell Commemoration Service held in Glatton Church on Sunday, 11th October 2015 was a fitting tribute to this courageous lady. Rev Falvey lead the service and Rev Ward led the prayers during the service. There were exhibitions about her from the Sawtry History Society and locally from Helen Ford, Rev Imogen Falvey and Joan Meiklejohn. Members of the Cavell family attended the exhibition before the service and shared information with other people there, in the time before the service began.

A most enjoyable tea was held in the Village Hall afterwards, supplied by the ladies of St Nicholas congregation. The warm sunny day served as a reminder of the bravery shown and lives saved by Edith Cavell during the first world war and gave participants in the service a lasting memory of her Christian values .’

Author: Joan Meiklejohn
Photographs: Terry Brignall.

Graves headstones of the Cavell family members who are buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard:

For further information about the Cavell family members  in Glatton Churchyard,  see About  ‘Cavells in Glatton Churchyard‘ by Rev’d. Canon Peter Woodward, a relative of the Cavell family, on this website.

Photographs: Terry Brignall.

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