A Glatton couple have been in touch with the police and the Cambridgeshire County Council fraud team, as they were getting answer phone messages (five in total) from, allegedly, the HMRC stating they had a bill to pay and, if it wasn’t paid, legal action would be taken. The message was  fairly threatening. As they knew it was not true they contacted the authorities.

The outcome was, obviously, it is/was a scam and one that is becoming fairly widespread.

They asked CCC fraud team to send some materials that could be share via the Parish Council and also via the Glatton website.  

There are about 5 copies of each of the items, as shown above, and if you would like copies please contact me – Carole Green – on 01487 830357 or e-mail me at and I will get copies to you.  Some of these publications can also be downloaded from the CCC Fraud Team link above.

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