Proposal To Establish New Rural Watch Scheme In Northern Huntingdonshire

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Local officers with a geographic responsibility for the Northern villages of Huntingdonshire are seeking volunteers to join a new Rural Watch scheme we are hoping to establish in the area.What is Rural Watch?
The purpose of Rural Watch is to assist the police in detecting crimes in the rural areas of our community. Watch schemes are operated by members of our community who act as the extra eyes and ears of the police by reporting accurate descriptions of people and vehicles acting suspiciously. Rural Watch is a volunteer active watch the monitor’s rural villages, business and farms. It is run in conjunction with the police and aims to gather intelligence and disrupt criminal activity.But isn’t this the job of the police?
It is impossible to patrol all villages effectively, all of the time particularly when there is little or no reported criminal activity in the area. Rural communities also do not benefit from local authority CCTV coverage. It is therefore often easier to commit crimes and be undetected for a longer period of time.  These schemes are not intended to replace policing activities but they do enhance the relationship between police and the community and help develop a greater sense of responsibility between neighbours and ultimately reducing crime and opportunities for crime in the area.

Who else is involved?
Local Policing team staff work closely with the Special Constabulary and Neighbourhood Watch schemes

Proposal for the scheme
It is proposed that the scheme will be split into 2 areas
Area 1
Yaxley, Farcet, Holme, Conington, Stilton, Folksworth, Denton, Morborne, Haddon, Holme Fen, Conington Fen and Stilton Fen.
Area 2
Sawtry, Sawtry Fen, Alconbury, Alconbury Weston, Hamerton, Woolley, Buckworth, Barham, Leighton Bromswold, Winwick, the Giddings, the Stukeleys and Glatton.

This scheme is primarily aimed at games keepers and farmers but anyone who lives in any of the above areas who has access to a vehicle is welcome. Anyone wishing to participate in this scheme will be required to undertake vetting. If you are interested in finding out more and you live in one of the above villages, please contact PCSO Dawn Hodgson by email at

PCSO 7293 Hurley
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Lee Hurley (Police, PCSO, Huntingdonshire)

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