Planning Application – Glatton Road – Update 2

A Parish Council meeting took place on Friday, 4th September 2020 at which the Larkfleet Development in Glatton Road was discussed.

Extract from draft minutes 4th September:
13.Larkfleet Development (presentation from Larkfleet Homes on the agenda 23rd Feb 2018)

“Having had the first application for 340 houses on Glatton Rd, Sawtry turned down by HDC, Larkfleet as well as appealing the first decision have issued a new application which in essence is the same as the first with some minor alterations to the green spaces. Sawtry Parish Council discussed this application at the planning meeting which NMP and AA , along with a Glatton resident attended. Sawtry Parish Council recommended refusal of this application. There are no fundamental changes in this application from the first application which has been rejected. The main issue for Glatton is the potential increase in traffic through Glatton as well as the pressure on the infrastructure affecting both Sawtry and Glatton.  There haven’t been any traffic studies at all showing how Glatton may be adversely affected by the increase in traffic through the village and a very limited survey at non peak times through Sawtry.  Glatton Parish Council will make these comments on the HDC website. Carole will through the web site  remind villagers to make any comments on HDC website by September 7th.”

To make a comment Glatton residents should go to the HDC website:

Full minutes of the meeting 4th September 2020 Minutes 4th Septmebr 2020

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