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We-need-youThe Speed Watch Campaign has been ongoing since 2012 with an enormous amount of time and effort put in from Parish Council Members and Speed Watch Volunteers.  The following extracts are a summary of their hard work and dedication, which is ongoing:-

The more observant amongst the Glatton residents and visitors will have noticed various members of our community standing at the side of the road in fluorescent yellow jackets clutching a clipboard whilst staring intently at (hopefully) a blank screen! However for some people the screen has lit up and displayed the speed that they are travelling at through the villages 30MPH zones.

To date we have run ten speed watch sessions covering predominantly Sawtry Road but also High Haden Road, monitoring traffic coming into and out of the village. During the ten sessions we have observed a total of 725 vehicles of which 128 were travelling in excess of 30 MPH. The highest recorded speed to date is an incredible 59 MPH, almost twice the legal speed limit on a road where many of the children from the village wait for the school bus in the mornings. Most of those speeding through our village are not residents, however some are or have working connections with the village!

Speedwatch graphThe change in the traffic volumes and driving behaviours has changed dramatically since the start of the new school term, with an approximate 50% increase in traffic but a more than doubling of speeding vehicles, many of these on the school run with the precious cargo of their children on board. Even with large warning signs, fluorescent jackets and a flashing speed sign some people are still blatantly ignoring the limits along our roads and in some cases feel it necessary to pass comment (unsuitable to print) whilst driving past, thankfully none of these people are residents.

The data that is collected during the sessions is passed onto the police for assessment and action as deemed appropriate by the police. At present we are unable to monitor the traffic speeds on roads other than those with a 30MPH speed limit, however we are trying to seek permission to monitor the traffic on Infield Road and will do so if/when permission has been granted.

We will continue to monitor the speeds along our roads and highlight to the police those persistent offenders along with everyone else flouting the speed limit.

Speedwatch Reports – Cambridgeshire County Council
Speedwatch Newsletter December 2017
Speedwatch Newsletter February 2018

The following are extracts from Parish Council Meetings:

Speed Watch Report 29th November 2019
Community Speed Watch -Thank you to the speed watch volunteers and if there is anyone who would like to volunteer then please contact NMP. This year there have been 16 sessions (April -November). There has been a slight increase in speeding vehicles up to 12% which is slightly higher than the averages over the previous 5 years. Glatton ran speed watch sessions during the Cambridgeshire Police speed watch initiative week. During the week 77 speed watch session were held throughout Cambridgeshire and 10,391 cars passed through the speed watch 4.6% of which were exceeding the speed limit. Of those 90% received a letter for the first time, 9% received a second letter and only 1% received a third letter, proving that speed watch is effective.

Speed Watch Report 31st May 2019
Interactive Speed Sign

The sign, which is approved for speed watch indicates the speed the vehicle is travelling at and will flash either a happy face and thanks when the vehicle is travelling within the speed limit and a sad face with slow down when it is travelling too quickly. There is also the possibility to move the sign around the village and have multiple locations giving a random approach which probably works better as drivers get used to the location of the signs and slow down just for the sign. HDC will not install sockets alone in the ground the post has to be in situ. The siting of the posts will have to be considered and whether it is possible to use any of the existing street posts. The signs do not require a power source. They are self- powered. The approximate costs are £2,500 for the sign and £1,000 for the posts. PC will obtain a formal quote.

Speed Watch Report 15th March 2019
The speed watch campaign will begin now that the nights are getting lighter. PC has been investigating other possible speed reduction options such as build outs and/or interactive speed sign. It is still not clear whether build outs are viable in Glatton as it is not apparent whether street lighting is a requirement although there are local villages where there are build out without street lighting. The cost of the build outs is between £6,000-£12,000 each, and there will also likely be restrictions on where they can be placed due to narrow roads and visibility issues.  The cost of an interactive speed sign is approximately £2,500 plus VAT and with 4 posts at different locations would be approximately £900 plus VAT. Cambridgeshire Police have approved the signs for use with speed watch.  It is possible to collect date and speeding patters and would eliminate the need to set up equipment on the speed watch sessions.  The sign would seem to be the best option and so appear to be effective in reducing speeds. Keen to take the option of the interactive sign forward and do a survey as to possible locations for the posts.

Speed Watch Report 30th November 2018
There have been 24 sessions in 2018 and have measured the speed of 2,500 vehicles of which 268 were in excess of the speed, which equates to 11% of vehicles speeding with some vehicle travelling at very high speeds of up to 55mph. Over the several years that speed watch has been operating the speeding trend has reduced slightly. Those who are travelling at excessive speed are receiving a visit from the Police (Cambridgeshire safety officer). There is always a need for more volunteer so that we do not always rely on the same people volunteering. Are there any other alternatives that could be employed to reduce speeding through the village? The clerk has been notified that the entrance gateways for the village have arrived and we are now waiting for a date for installation.  Other possibilities are build outs, but we have always been informed that because there is no street lighting in Glatton that this is not a possibility, however it does appear to be happening in other village in the area. The other possibility is an interactive sign that could be moved to different locations round the village but these are very expensive. PC to look into the available options and associated costs.  If the planning permission is passed for the houses that are proposed to be built on Glatton Road in Sawtry then there is the high possibility of a significant increase in the traffic through Glatton. However there is also the possibility that Glatton may be entitled to CIL money which could possibly be used for traffic calming build outs.

Speed Watch Report 4th May 2018
Speed watch has been gaining more support. There have been six sessions this year to date and the police have been out and actively supporting speed watch and attended at one of the sessions recently. The Glatton speed watch features in the current newsletter. There is more money available for kit, however we have exclusive use of our kit. Statically there is an average of 15-18% of vehicles speeding through Glatton and therefore we do need to encourage more speed watch activity. Any more volunteers for speed watch would be warmly welcomed.

Speedwatch Report Friday, 15th September 2017

Speed Watch Report May 2016
Author: Paul Cole, Speed Watch Co-ordinator.
Speedwatch Report – May 2016
PC presented the community speed watch report (attached) and is also available on the web site. The application for lottery funding to purchase more equipment has been unsuccessful because the Speedwatch scheme is run by Cambridgeshire Police Force and therefore they are unable to award funding to Glatton Parish Council to purchase equipment.   Request for more volunteers.

Extract from Minutes 26th February 2016
Speed Watch has been quiet during the winter months, but it will re commence now that spring is here to once or twice per week. It has been noticed that speeding vehicles have been on the increase during the winter months and the only way to reinforce the speed limits is by getting out with the speed watch equipment.
BH commented that the speed signs might be more effective with the pseudo gate effect (as in Holme) but the verges in Glatton are probably not wide enough to accommodate this.

img008Posted 4th October 2016:
Paul Cole
(far right in picture) trains and looks after many of the speed watch teams in west and north Cambridgeshire and whilst training the new team in Yaxley one of their members kindly volunteered to provide some additional hi vis tabards.  Paul liaised with the police to ensure that this was permitted and arranged for the formal handover. There are many people who generously give up their time to support speed watch in their local area and some that go even further with examples such as the provision of the tabards from Howsafe of Peterborough (http://www.howsafe.co.uk/) and others where local companies have contributed financially to the purchase of the equipment to help monitor speed in their areas. He is always happy to work with individuals and companies who wish to support speed watch with both their time and more and can be contacted on: Paul.Cole@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Speed Restriction Area26th June 2015:
Proposed speed reduction areas including buffer zones, Infield Road & High Haden Road, Glatton, Cambs – Informal Consultation.

Extract from Minutes 6th May 2015
6. Community Speed Watch Report
Speed Watch having lost some volunteers needs a recruitment drive. There are four new volunteers who have yet to be trained. On average traffic speeding through Glatton has been reduced to two percent, although Sawtry Road remains a hot spot and further speed watch activity on Sawtry Road is planned for later this month. The Police have restructured speed watch, and PC is now the community speed watch coordinator for Peterborough. This will allow boxes to be installed which will give better data re speeding traffic. Three operatives are now required for each speed watch session.
7. Speed Calming Report
A meeting attended by Paul Williams, Paul Cole and Stephen McGee (Highways Authority engineer) took place on 17/4/15. Stephen McGee is now in the process of preparing a quote based on the attached plans.  Glatton Speed Calming Proposals . As long as no objections are raised during the consultation period, then the proposals should be put into place reasonably quickly and hopefully by the summer.

Extract from Minutes 04 March 2015
Community Speed Watch Report
Efforts will be focused on Sawtry Road where high speeds are still being recorded. There is a speed watch coordinators conference on 5th March at Huntington Police Station. PC will report back at the next meeting.  There is the possibility that there will be more Police support.

Extract from Minutes 3rd December 2014
One volunteer has resigned. The kit is now being shared with a third villageand is therefore available every third week. The trend in speeding traffic through the village is falling and in
November was 2.1% of traffic driving in excess of the guidelines. The campaign is therefore proving effective and the message “Don’t speed through Glatton” is getting through. The
campaign will continue but the speed watch sessions will take place less frequently, once every three weeks during the dark nights with up to twice every three weeks in the better weather. Speed Watch is doing well and thanks go to all the volunteers.

Extract from Minutes 3rd September, 2014
Speed Watch – New Structure

• Cambridgeshire speed watch has been restructured, with a new more formal structure.
• Brian Robins – Cambridgeshire Speed Watch Coordinator.
• Retired Metropolitan Police Officer.
• Very focussed on making Speed watch work for communities.
• Process clarified:
• First offence get a warning letter.
• Second offence gets as stronger worded letter.
• Third offence gets a personally delivered letter and entry onto ANPR database.
• Has offered to support us with police presence, when we identify patterns of speeding.
• Also responsive to requests and supportive of our activities.
• Three new volunteers have joined the group, so the workload can be more evenly spread.
• New volunteers are always welcome.
• Paul Cole is now able to train new volunteers.
Equipment Share
• All groups share the equipment provided, Glatton have had the luxury of exclusive use.
• We now share with Wansford Speed Watch and have agreed a fortnightly swap.
• There may be a third village who will also need access to the equipment.
Safety Assessment
• Brian Robins undertook a safety survey of all of our locations.
• Infield road was assessed and it was agreed that we are now able to check speeds on this   road.
• Brian is also supportive of our desire to reduce the speed limit to 30 MPH
• He see no reason why this road is anything other than an 30 MPH road
• He believes that even travelling at 40MPH the junctions are dangerous
Report 03092014 Speed (MPH)
Percentage 1-30 31-35 36-40 41-46 46+
High Haden Road 85.7% 0.0% 10.7% 3.6% 0.0%
Infield Road 95.8% N/A N/A 0.5% 3.7%
Sawtry Road 79.3% 7.6% 10.3% 2.0% 0.9%
Glatton 82.1% 6.2% 8.6% 1.8% 1.3%
Please drive carefully and observe the laws of our roads.

Extract from Minutes 3rd December 2014
This attachment is the presentation given to the local Highways Committee by Paul Cole and Steve Smith. Glatton presentation to Local Highways
Paul Cole presented an update on the speed watch  campaign.
Speedwatch update December 2014

10th August 2014 – Volunteers Required
Looking for speed watch volunteers!We are hoping to be able to expand our village community speed watch to include Infield Road and Glatton Ways, subject to a safety survey and sufficient numbers of volunteers to resource the sessions. We also wish to have more checks on High Haden Road in addition to the majority that have already taken place on Sawtry RoadWe-need-you
To be able to resource these additional roads we will need more volunteers. The more people that we can get involved will reduce workload for each individual. I would expect that if we can get a few more volunteers then the individual commitment is likely to be one session per month lasting for approximately 90 minutes.
To become part of the speed watch group you will need to undertake a training session, which will be for approximately one hour in an evening (to be agreed).
Speed watch is not an enforcement tool but about educating motorists and raising awareness of the dangers of speeding. People who are caught by the group in excess of the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidelines will receive a letter highlighting the fact that they have been driving in excess of the posted speed limits within Glatton.
We have had some incredible speeds recorded during the activity to date, with one at nearly twice the legal limit and many well in excess of 40MPH on the 30MPH roads. We need to continue to drive the message home that speeding in Glatton is unacceptable before there is a serious incident.
So if you are interested in volunteering or would like more information please contact
Paul Cole – paul@cole-Family.me.uk

Extract from Minutes 3rd September 2014
Community Speed Watch Report (Paul Cole).
There is a new structure in place which required the volunteers to be retrained by the police. This has now been completed. Three more volunteers have joined the group which spreads the work load and more volunteers would be welcome and can be trained by PC. The village now has to share the speed watch equipment with Wansford and so Glatton has the equipment on a fortnightly basis. A third village may also join the rota, which means less availability for Glatton. There has also been a safety assessment and speed watch can now be operated in the 40 mile per hour section on Infield Road and our coordinator is happy to support any application to reduce the 40 mph speed limit to 30 mph.
Since restarting there have been several sessions on Infield Road and two sessions on High Haden Road. The evidence shows that on Infield Road more than 50% of the traffic is travelling below 33 mph and so would not be affected by any speed limit change. The majority of the traffic is travelling within the 40mph speed limit, although there have been a small amount travelling at excessive speeds of up to 60mph, and a couple of near miss accidents at the junction have been witnessed.
On a recent survey carried out via the Glatton web site when asked the question would they like the speed limit on Infield Road reduced from 40mph to 30 mph, 27 out of 29 respondents stated that they would like the speed to be reduced. The trial of the vehicle activated speed sign, although it collected quite a lot of data, did not slow the traffic. Community speed watch and people getting letters makes a difference and our coordinator has said that if we produce the evidence he will back that up with police.
Another issue is the speed of vehicles on High Haden Road past the livery and horse riders using the road. The cost of signs on the verge is very expensive. However signs on private land are not chargeable by Highways. If the livery owners speak to nearby land owners there would be a possibility of erecting some warning signs on private land.

Extract from Minutes 14 May 2014 – AGM
Speed Calming
There was a productive meeting with Highways on 22nd January attended by PW, SS and Helen Ford. The discussion centred around what speed calming measures were available and what we may be able to afford. The cost of a build out on Sawtry Road would be approximately £8,000. To replace the VAS (vehicle activated sign) with a more interactive sign would be approximately £5,000. The speed restriction on the B660 through the village is 40 miles an hour. To extend that 40 mile an hour section outwards towards Great Gidding would cost approximately £2,500. We can apply for the grant towards the build out on Sawtry Road in the next round of grants , and if we were successful then the cost of a build out to Glatton would be £1,000. Thanks to Paul Cole together with a band of volunteers the community speed watch programme is operating in Glatton which entitles the village to permanent community speed watch signage. The cost of the signs is £70.00 each. The council agreed to go ahead with the purchase of four signs. The council also agreed to a demonstration of an interactive mobile speed camera which could be used on any of the roads in the village, and would also be useful in the collection of data. The cost of the camera is approximately £3,500.

Extract from Minute 20 November 2013
Open Meeting
PW suspended the meeting in order for Paul Cole (resident) to present the community speed watch report: There are 8 volunteers in the group and there have been 17 sessions since August. Paul handed out a summary of the data. The sessions have taken place predominately on Sawtry Road, with one session taking place on High Haden Road. 1,200 cars have passed through the speed watch, with approximately 18% of vehicles travelling in excess of 30 miles per hour. Traffic travelling through the speed watch increased by about 50% in school term time. Any car travelling at 35 miles per hour or above should receive a letter from the police and any vehicle caught travelling at extreme speed the police with take immediate action with a visit to the offending driver. The highest speed recorded in Sawtry Road is 59 miles per hour. Unfortunately it has come to light that our speed watch group had not been correctly registered. This has now been rectified, and there has been an apology from the police, but disappointingly no action has or can be taken in respect of the vehicles speeding up to the point of registration. Going forward the data from the speed watch session is e mailed to the police and the correct action will be taken immediately. It has also become clear that we need to recruit more volunteers to the group who will require to be trained by the police. Currently the group is allowed to monitor the 30 mile per hour areas on Sawtry Road and High Haden Road. Paul has made an enquiry to the police regarding permission to monitor 40 mile per hour area on Infield Road and is awaiting a response. We will continue with the speed watch and try to recruit more volunteers. Councillors would like to investigate permanent speed community watch signage. Paul Cole left the meeting.

Extract from Minutes 14th August 2013
Speed Calming Measures
Unfortunately the bid for funding speed calming measures has been unsuccessful. We are currently on a reserve list and if it becomes impossible to implement any of the approved bids then it may be possible to proceed with our bid. It is anticipated that there will be a budget for minor improvements in 2014/2015 and we may apply again. We would be able to go ahead if we were in a position to fund the project ourselves, however at the current time we do not have the funds.
We are going ahead with the community speed watch imitative and depending on how successful that is we will consider whether we proceed with an application for funding in the next cycle. Simon Bywater will put us in touch with Susan Piper who can advise on the types of traffic calming measures that are available to us and the costs involved.  SS is to contact Steve Dighton to understand why the bid failed and what we need to do to improve the chances of funding in the future. Simon Bywater happy to help us pursue this.

Extract from Minutes 22 May 2013
Speed Calming Measures
7. PW prepared a report and attended a competitive tendering panel to ask for a grant towards the cost of a build out on Sawtry Road similar to the one in Abbotts Ripton. It has been said that we cannot have a hard build out because of the lack of street lights, however the build out in Abbotts Ripton does not have street lighting. The presentation appeared to be well received and we are currently waiting for the outcome. Speeding in the whole of the village must be considered, not just Sawtry Road and SS would like the possibility of the due restriction signs both on High Haden Road and Infield Road being moved further back along the road from the village investigated.
8. Community Speed Watch
There has been no progress. A request for volunteers via the Glatton web site produced only three volunteers. Community speed watch requires a minimum of three volunteers at any one time. LP to re launch the appeal for volunteers and to contact the speed watch police man to coordinate the people that have already volunteered. Some people are concerned about volunteering because of the possibility of abuse, which is one of the reasons the police recommend teams of three. Community Speed Watch would cover the whole village not just Sawtry Road.

Extract from Minutes 30 January 2013
Speed Awareness Survey Results
BH stated that the survey results showed that the average speed of vehicles travelling north and south along Sawtry Road was 31 miles per hour which may present difficulties. LP stated that the summary was misleading and the information which was collected on an hourly basis showed that we have 10,729 vehicles travelling along Sawtry Road over the period of one week of which number 2,361 exceeded 35 mph. LP believes there is a real problem in Glatton because of speeding traffic. LP wishes to take recommendation from the council as to what may be available in our situation, although we are unable to have “sleeping policeman” because of the lack of street lighting. The Clerk has already contacted Cambridgeshire Highways and has applied for help with the cost of traffic calming measures on Sawtry Road. The maximum available is £10,000 with a 10% contribution from ourselves. Our contact is Jo Challis who will advise on the types of traffic calming measures available to us. The next step is to present our information to a panel who will decide on the level of funding, if any, that we can access. BH concerned that the panel will only look at the average figures which may have a detrimental effect on any funding application. PW thought that the average speed would have been lower and that a quarter of vehicles travelling towards Sawtry in excess of the speed limit is a problem. PW questioned where this ranks on any league table held by the police. Clerk to enquire with the police, and also as to the possibility of mobile speed cameras.

Extract from Minutes 10 October 2012
Speed Watch Initiative
There is considerable concern at the speed of vehicles travelling on Sawtry Road. Build outs have been considered, however we cannot impede the farming community from going about their business. The large farm machinery would not be able to use Sawtry Road if build outs were installed.

Extract from Minutes 15 August 2012
Speeding Issues
There are speeding problems on all the roads through Glatton and the council should be looking at the speeding problems on High Haden Road and B660 rather than concentrating on Sawtry Road. High Haden has more children and no footpaths. It is felt that Sawtry Road has a higher volume of traffic and therefore will be prioritised before moving on to look at speeding in other parts of the village. Question raised as to whether volunteers should be trained in the Speed Watch initiative to act as a deterrent as well as monitoring wires, but it was decided to have monitoring wires in the first instance.

Extract from Minutes 08 February 2012
Traffic Calming in Sawtry Road.
A number of residents in Sawtry Road have requested Parish Council support for traffic calming measures to be installed in Sawtry Road. A survey by Lynette Prain has shown that 29 out of 30 drivers ignore the speed limit sign and she undertook to investigate costings and report back to a future meeting of the Parish Council.


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