Planning Applications

REF. 19/02089/LBC
Minor internal work to first floor
The Huntsman Great North Road Conington Peterborough PE7 3QU

REF. 19/01307/TREE
T1 Ash – Remove and re-plant with Tulip tree
Pegasus Grove High Haden Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RU

REF. 19/00623/HHFUL
Construction of a single garage to the rear of Mill Cottage
Mill Cottage Mill Hill Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RT

REF. 19/00465/HHFUL
Demolition of existing garage and replace with single storey Garage/Outbuilding.
High Haden House 44 High Haden Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RU

REF. 18/01811/FUL
Proposed change of use of part land from agricultural to residential (to form rear garden)
Flock Farm Bungalow Glatton Ways Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RS

REF. 18/01736/HHFUL
The erection of a 3 bay oak framed garage with room over reached by an external timber
staircase Mill House Mill Hill Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RT

REF: 18/00668/FUL
To convert an existing barn into tack room/store/wash bays for existing livery yard.
Upper Glebe Farm High Haden Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RX

REF. 18/00400/FUL Demolition of existing care home and redevelopment of the site to form a 70-bed care home (Use Class C2) for residents requiring nursing, dementia and residential care, along with car parking, landscaped gardens and a separate refuse/recycling facility.
Glatton Hall Residential Home Glatton Ways Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RS
Ref. No: 19/00006/REFUSL | Received: Thu 31 Jan 2019 | Status: Appeal Dismissed

Ref: 18/00289/LBC  (Partial conversion of attached barn
Church Cottage Church Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RR)

REF: 18/00280/TREE (School House, Church Road)
Tree species and proposed work:
T1 Birch: reduce crown by 1.8 metres to clear overhead cables and patio close to house
T2 Fig: reduce crown by 2 metres to previous pruning points to maintain at manageable size and reduce risk of root damage to patio.

Ref: 18/00294/TREE (The Grange, Infield Road, Glatton)
Hawthorn (H1) and Hawthorn (H2) – Fell because they will obstruct a new boundary fence which is being planned by the homeowner.
Yew (Y1) – Crown lift minor limbs on the road side up to a height of 2m, again to make room for a new boundary fence. Please note the elder visible in the photograph is dead and will be removed.
Yew (Y2) and yew (Y3) – remove dead, rubbing and crossing branches from the crown.
Holm Oak (O1) – remove two large lateral spreading limbs which noticeably protrude from the crown. These limbs detract from the tree’s form, and shade part of the rear of the property. Please note this tree is not visible from the road.

Ref. 18/00092/LBC Proposed change of use and extension of existing barn to form dwelling Tea Kettle Barn, Glatton Lane, Glatton

Ref. 17/02016/FUL  Demolition of exiting dwelling and construction of new replacement dwelling 11 High Haden Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RU

Ref. 16/01359/FUL  Retention of building for use as tourist accommodation/holiday lets- AMENDED DESCRIPTION – Flock Farm Glatton Ways Glatton.

REF. 17/01913/FUL
Change of use application from a farm to a livery with the installation of a container for
welfare facilities
Upper Glebe Farm High Haden Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RX

Ref. 17/01720/HHFUL  – Extensions and alterations to bungalow
17 Infield Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RP

REF. 17/01657/FUL – Proposed detached dwelling Glatton House, High Haden Road, Glatton, Huntingdon, PE28 5RU.
Ref. No: 18/00033/REFUSL | Received: Tue 02 Apr 2019 | Status: Appeal Dismissed

REF. 17/00942/HHFUL –  Demolition of existing flat roof garage and flat roof portion of dwelling and replacement with new single storey flat roof extensions and new pitched roof with dormers. 11 High Haden Road Glatton Huntingdon PE28 5RU.




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