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Glatton Parish Council has 5 members, headed by it’s Chairman. The administration and day to day matters are looked after by the Parish Clerk, who keeps the records and is the normal first point of contact for parish matters.

Glatton Conservation Area

Carl Stretton – Chairman
Neil Mundell-Phipps – Vice Chairman
Paul Williams
Stephen Smith
Mandy Allen
Helen Ford –

Should parishioners wish to provide comments, feedback or suggestions to the Glatton Parish Council, you can do so by clicking here. All appropriate comments received will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.

Glatton Village Community Newsletter
Community Newsletter Autumn 2020

Extraordinary Parish Council Notice : Coronavirus.
This notice is issued from the Parish Council to ensure all residents of Glatton Village have an additional point of reference for either,  information about Coronavirus, or especially any support and help that may be needed :-coronavirus (March 2020)

CPR/AED Awareness Training – September 2016
The Parish Council have recently run some awareness training for villagers.
We now have 19 villagers who have more awareness and confidence in doing CPR and
using our village defibrillator (AED).  Thanks to all those that supported this and attended, I know we all had a good time and learnt loads.

Thanks to our trainer Tom, who has offered to do follow-up sessions and also a refresher session next year.
If any villagers would like to add their names to a waiting list please let the Parish Council know via Niel Mundell-Phipps and, when we have enough numbers, we will run more sessions.
Author: Neil Mundell-Phipps.

BH26th February 2016.
Over a number of years, Brian Hackman has campaigned to site a defibrillator in the village.  At his last meeting as a Parish Councillor Brian at last got his wish.
St. Georges Glatton Hall kindly donated a defibrillator to the village and a surprise presentation was made to Brian by Paul Williams, Chair of the Parish Council.
Photography: Terry Brignall.

26th February 2016
Paul Williams, Chair of Glatton Parish Council, thanks Brian Hackman and Gillian Denton for their long service to the village. Brian Hackman  thanked the village for all their kindness and presented a gavel and hammer to Paul as a parting gift!

Photographs: Terry Brignall.

Map 2015After many years of campaigning by Glatton Parish Council we now have an ‘Official’ Village Green.
A very big ‘Thank You’ to our Parish Council and all the residents of Glatton who have helped in this successful endeavour.

Certificate & Map 001In 2012 Glatton Parish Council were awarded the ‘Chairman’s Community Award’  by Councillor Jeff Dutton, Chairman of Huntingdon District Council, in recognition of the outstanding support given to our community.

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