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Huntingdon District Council News Update:



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Freshlinc’s Customized Trailer

We were kindly sent a picture by Olivia aged 6, which was done as part of a school project, we thought it was so good and such a fitting tribute to the NHS and key workers that we would have it transformed into a large vinyl wrap and put onto one of our trailers (Trailer 871), which will be delivering produce and flowers around the country.”

The Art work will stay on the trailer for about 6 years before being retired, our Fleet Support vehicle also has the Rainbow on it now.

After having Trailer 871 wrapped in its new livery, the effects have been huge not only with our staff but members of public, who often beep at the driver showing their support.

Trailer 871 has been requested by various groups to visit hospitals around the region on a Thursday evening in support of “Clap for Carers”. Having been to Spalding and Boston Hospitals along with the care Unit at Thorpe Road Peterborough, Trailer 871 is going to Colchester, KingsLynn and Hinchingbrooke over the coming weeks.

During the last few weeks, stories have emerged especially within the FreshLinc family and the wider people who we work with of the sacrifice being made by their own family members who are part of our wonderful NHS.

From all of us at FreshLinc our heart felt thanks goes to the NHS and Care Workers, all who look after us not just through Coronavirus but always, I for one will be thinking harder each time I need their support.

The art work done by Olivia, unprompted by here parents, sports the FreshLinc design, which when given to us brought a tear to our eyes, its very different from some communication we receive with Lorries not always being accepted, yet play an important part in supply chain – Thank you Olivia for thinking of us.

Author: Lee Juniper
Photos: Terry Brignall.


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Advice For People Helping Others During Lock Down

Many people across our communities are doing their bit to help others during the Coronavirus health emergency.
From supporting people who are self-isolating with food supplies, to picking up medical prescriptions, all of these efforts are helping to save lives and protect our NHS.
Below is some advice from Cambridgeshire police about what you should do if you are concerned about someone.
If you are keeping an eye on someone in your neighbourhood and are concerned for their welfare, for example, if you knock on someone’s door or try to reach them by telephone and they don’t respond, there are some simple steps you can take.
Have a quick check through windows to see if you can see the person involved (make sure you exercise social distancing and don’t touch any surfaces);
Check for signs that the person may not be at home or may need assistance, such as a build-up of post, milk on the doorstep or anything else that may suggest the occupant needs help;
Speak to neighbours, making sure you keep the 2 metre social distancing rule to see if they know of any close friends or relatives that may be able to help or know where the person might be; could you contact them to confirm their whereabouts?
If the person is home but does not wish to answer the door/telephone but requires food or medication, you can email who will be able to help;
If you are still concerned, call the police on 101 giving the person’s name, address and telephone number if possible; the police call handler will then go through a set of questions to establish if an officer should attend;
If you see someone whose life is in danger, for example, they are lying on the floor, always call 999 and request an ambulance.
Cambridgeshire Constabulary have pulled together a list of responses to commonly-asked questions during the coronavirus lock down. For more details visit:
Message Sent By
Corporate Communications (Police,Communications Officer,Cambridgeshire)
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Parish Council Notice Number 5 – Coronavirus

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A Message from Tim Alban  District Councillor

“Life has changed so much in the last few weeks and I have been hugely impressed by the prompt responses from local councils, organisations (some of which didn’t exist until recently) and individual people who are doing so much to help others, not just in Glatton but further afield.

Open for business
Huntingdonshire District Council offices may be closed to visitors but the work of the council very much carries on, with many of the staff who usually work there now working from home.  The Customer Service Centre is available during office hours on 01480 388388; calls outside of this time are directed towards the Out of Hours service.
Website details & apply to defer part of Council Tax
The council has website dedicated to Corona Virus questions which offers all kinds of information including how to ask for help and how to volunteer; it also includes details of how to apply to defer the District Council’s part of the council tax for April and May.
For more general enquiries please visit the District Council’s main site
Household Bins
Huntingdonshire District Council is still operating a full household refuse collection service and bins should be left out as normal.  Extra re-cycling may be left in clear plastic bags with re-cycling bins, on the appropriate day.
Bulky Waste
Extra household rubbish and garden rubbish can not be added to regular collections but the council does still offer a bulky waste collection service; the details of what can and can’t be collected, along with the fees charged are available via the previously mentioned phone number and web link.
The Government, District Council and Cambridgeshire Fire Service are all advising against having bonfires at the moment; as well as being potentially causing problems for anyone battling the Covid-19 Corona Virus, the smoke is an irritant for those already dealing with other health issues.
Treatment & Recovery
I started treatment for cancer last September which I am pleased to report was successful – I was told that no further treatment was needed just before the country went into lock-down.  My recovery continues to go well however I am in the severe risk Covid-19 category and unable to leave home so please contact me by phone or email.
Getting In Touch
To contact me please email or call me on 07913 101145
All details correct as of 27th April, 2020″
Kind regards,
Tim Alban
District Councillor for Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley Ward
(First contact for residents in Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley, Holme, Denton & Caldecote, Great & Little Gidding, Glatton and Connington).
Tel: 07913 101145

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Foodbank Collection Point – Glatton

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Bee Swarms

“We are already into the swarming season.  British beekeepers consider it their civic responsibility to remove bees from a property where it is safe, legal and technically possible if asked to do so.  There are two beekeepers in the village who are willing to help.”
Lynn Buckingham 07760132080
Brian Hackman 01487830645

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Parish Council Notice Number 4: Coronavirus

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Neighbourhood Watch Our News Special Edition Enewsletter Published

Dear Neighbourhood Watch supporters,

We continue to think about you all at this difficult time. In response we hope you have been able to connect with your neighbours to support each other through this crisis.

At Neighbourhood Watch we have seen a 25% increase in membership. We have published a special edition of ‘Our News’ (the e-newsletter for Neighbourhood Watch supporters) to welcome our new members, look at how Neighbourhood Watch brings communities together, ways existing groups are supporting their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic and more things you can do such as establishing a phone tree, and how to avoid and report crimes and scams.

Read the e-newsletter by following this link or viewing it on our website.

Keep safe, stay at home.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH NETWORK  | Building Safer and Stronger Communities

Follow us..

Message Sent By
Deborah Waller (NWN, Multi Scheme Administrator, England and Wales)
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Parish Council Notice Number 3: Coronavirus

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