Infield Road (B660) Glatton

Infield Road (B660), Glatton
ORDER 2018/699

NOTICE is given that Cambridgeshire County Council intends after seven days, to make an Order pursuant to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Regulations 1992, the effect of which is to impose a 30mph speed limit along Infield Road (B660), Glatton as lies between Bullock Road (C94) and High Haden Road; and to stop any vehicle from proceeding along Infield Road (B660), Glatton as lies between Infield Gardens and to a point 250 metres east.

The Order will be effective, for safety purposes, when signs are in place indicating the speed limit along the whole or any part of the above mentioned length of road whilst works are in progress or temporarily suspended.

The Order is made to facilitate essential carriageway patching works which are being carried out on or near this highway and it will come into operation on 5 September 2018 and continue until these works have finished or on the 4 March 2020 whichever is the earlier.

It is anticipated that these works will be carried out on 5 September 2018.

The Order shall not apply to any persons lawfully engaged in connection with any works for which it is made, any member of the Police Force, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, a vehicle being used by Special Forces during the execution of their duties or to any person acting with the permission or upon the direction of a Police Officer in Uniform.

Graham Hughes, Executive Director, Place and Economy, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP

Wednesday 22 August

ref:                        18/699  
Your ref:             Infield Road, Glatton                                         Street Works Team
Date:                     8 August, 2018                                                     Vantage House
lease ask for    Street Works Team                                            Washingley Road
Direct dial           01480 372444                                                      Huntingdon
Fax No.                 01480 379849                                                      PE29 6SR

Cambridgeshire County Council
Stanton Depot
Stanton Way
PE29 6XL

Dear Sir

Application for Temporary Road Closure and Speed Restriction at Infield Road (B660), Glatton

Your application for the above Order has been approved, and will come into operation on 5 September 2018.

All necessary legal procedures have been attended to by ourselves, the emergency services will be informed in due course and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Will you please note that the proper signing of the road obstruction must be in accordance with the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 and must comply with the Safety at Roadworks and Streetworks Code of Practice.  Adequate signing of the alternative route is entirely your responsibility. You MUST place Advanced Warning Signs at each end of the highway to be closed at least 14 days prior to the closure informing the travelling public of the start and end dates of the closure.

All signing must be carried out to the entire satisfaction of the Local Highways Officer (Telephone Number 0345 045 5212) in whose area the work lies and you should make early arrangements to discuss the signing with them.

Yours faithfully

Samantha Nicholls
Permit Officer


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