Hedgehogs – Time to start feeding

As our hedgehogs may be starting to wake up it is time to start feeding them again.

Paul Cole has created a new post on Hogblog for this new season.

The following update has been received from Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity:

It’s that time of year again when we can think about where and when hedgehogs will be released. We now have a waiting list for them because their plight has become regularly featured in the media. We are very keen to continue to support your project given that it has such widespread community involvement and interest. We use Glatton as a model of good practice for other communities who want to become involved in hedgehog conservation.  I think we could probably do a release in late Spring/early summer and then possibly late Autumn but more likely to be about five hedgehogs each time this year not ten as before.  (See Hogblog for full article).

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