Hearing Problems

Do you use a hearing aid or find yourself hard-of-hearing, or does someong in your family?

If so, please join the new ‘Cambridgeshire Hear for You community’ group.  This is a new way of keeping in touch and to exchange views and ideas, whether it’s about hearing loss, or just your news, ideas and messages about literally anything!

The group has been set up by local charity, Cambridgeshire Hearing Help, which maintains hearing aids, runs workshops on hearing loss and teaches lip-reading. The charity also runs ‘Hear for You’ social groups, which are suspended because of current restrictions – so they’re going online for members old and new!

Many people have used social media to keep in touch with family and friends in recent times. This is a chance to make contact with more people locally, who share your interests.

It is being established on Facebook and is a ‘closed group’, giving members the extra safety and security, that only other members will be able to see your comments. It is also completely free.

You can join the Facebook group NOW by going to the ‘Cambridgeshire Hearing Help’ page on Facebook, click on ‘Groups’ then on ‘Join’. If you have any difficulty, simply enter the following link in your search enginehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/cambridgeshirehearforyoucommunity/ 

If you are new to Facebook, the charity has produced a simple guide of how to join the group, which is on its website. Or contact them at enquiries@cambridgeshirehearinghelp.org.uk

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is launching the new group at 11am-12noon on Tuesday 30 June. You can join at any time, but then please try to log-in during that hour, and take part in the initial messages between us.

It’s a new and excellent way of keeping in touch – let’s all use it!

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