Gritting Volunteers 2018-19

Photo: Terry Brignall

The Parish Council are asking for local volunteers to help keep the community of Glatton moving in freezing weather.  The council would  like to thank the volunteers who took part in the Community Gritting Scheme during a very challenging winter season last year.  We very much hope you will do so again this year.

For those hearing about the Community Gritting Scheme for the first time, it is a scheme where local volunteers can help to keep the community moving in freezing weather. Under this scheme, the parish council agrees specific routes in our area which are important to the local community and agrees them with the county council.

You will need to complete a Community Gritting Word Form  and send it to our Clerk to the Parish Council, Helen Ford, so you  may be included in this year’s scheme.  Those who have volunteered before will need to complete a new form  so as to ensure  health and safety standards are being met.  Please return your forms as soon as possible to enable Helen to return them to Cambridgeshire County Council by the end of October. 

For further information please see the web page:


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