Glatton’s perspective on Covid – 19

Early in January 2020 rumours of a mysterious new virus began to surface from Wuhan, in China and we were soon able to see pictures on our televisions of a ‘lockdown’, which quickly spread to the whole of China. The infection rate and seriousness of the virus soon became clear to the world.

Carole Green has created a wonderful perspective of the impacts of Covid-19 on Glatton, with contributions from many different people. The full article is available in the Historical events section of the website, or you can link to it directly by clicking here.


  1. Carole,
    WOW, what an outstanding job you have done pulling this together. This is and will remain a great inisght into the 18 months, during 2020/2021, of how Covid has affected our village. Truly a great effort and historical document.
    Thank you to You especially, and also to all contributors.

  2. What wonderful reads.Thank you everyone for writing and sharing your years. Hannah I found yours especially moving and you had me in tears!! Welcome and I hope to be able to meet you in person soon.

    Thanks Carole, A really lovely way to capture a year I don’t think many will forget.

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