Glatton Village Hall Development Programme

Announcing the launch of a programme to inform the Village Hall Committee about future development of our Village Hall (VH). The VH Committee agreed the formation of an “Action Group” to study how the hall might be refurbished and the costs of doing so as well as the design and indicative costs of demolishing the existing hall and rebuilding it. The “Action Group” will identify a range of options, including funding options, which will be presented to the Village Hall Committee, the Parish Council and to all Glatton residents at an open meeting, once their work is complete. A Development Fund has been set up to fund any refurbishment or rebuild work required. This is likely to be a 5-10 year programme designed to leave the village hall “fit for purpose” for future grenerations and provide a welcoming community hub. Terry Brignall, Neil Varnham and Ian Buckingham currently form the action group, capitalising on many years experience spanning project management, surveying, engineering, finance and real estate development but we’re looking for two dedicated and determined individuals, one with significant building and design experience and a dedicated fundraising manager. The “Action Group” will use the Building Survey/Condition report and the Village Hall Community Survey as a platform for their work. Both documents are available to view at:

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