Freshlinc’s Customized Trailer

We were kindly sent a picture by Olivia aged 6, which was done as part of a school project, we thought it was so good and such a fitting tribute to the NHS and key workers that we would have it transformed into a large vinyl wrap and put onto one of our trailers (Trailer 871), which will be delivering produce and flowers around the country.”

The Art work will stay on the trailer for about 6 years before being retired, our Fleet Support vehicle also has the Rainbow on it now.

After having Trailer 871 wrapped in its new livery, the effects have been huge not only with our staff but members of public, who often beep at the driver showing their support.

Trailer 871 has been requested by various groups to visit hospitals around the region on a Thursday evening in support of “Clap for Carers”. Having been to Spalding and Boston Hospitals along with the care Unit at Thorpe Road Peterborough, Trailer 871 is going to Colchester, KingsLynn and Hinchingbrooke over the coming weeks.

During the last few weeks, stories have emerged especially within the FreshLinc family and the wider people who we work with of the sacrifice being made by their own family members who are part of our wonderful NHS.

From all of us at FreshLinc our heart felt thanks goes to the NHS and Care Workers, all who look after us not just through Coronavirus but always, I for one will be thinking harder each time I need their support.

The art work done by Olivia, unprompted by here parents, sports the FreshLinc design, which when given to us brought a tear to our eyes, its very different from some communication we receive with Lorries not always being accepted, yet play an important part in supply chain – Thank you Olivia for thinking of us.

Author: Lee Juniper
Photos: Terry Brignall.


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