The Queen’s Picnic 2012

The day had arrived.  We were going to a picnic at Burghley House to see the Queen. At 10.30 we arrived to collect Audrey and Roy Knight. We loaded our picnics, chairs, walking sticks (we are all ageing!) and got on the way. I asked Roy why we were chosen to be invited?  He answered “well,  we are the elite”!!!   On that note we set out!

We heard the whirl of the helicopter landing with the royal party arriving for lunch,  in the far distance we saw
The Queen
  make her way to the front of the great house to shake hands with many and then help plant a tree ,bush?? Too far away to see.  They all went into a marquee for lunch.  We thoroughly enjoyed ours, and queued up to buy ice cream.

We knew that the Queen was going to drive through Stamford at 2.30 so Audrey and I took up position along a roped off area to wait for her to finish her lunch.. There was a lovely atmosphere and the sun shone and it had a party feel.  After an hour we told our back, legs and feet that we were British and we weren’t aching…..  Then we heard the crowds start cheering and her car came by….oh! so quick. If only they could have slowed down, a brief glimpse and they were gone.

The red arrows flew over, just once!  But we then had a very good display by acrobatic planes playing in the sky. Wonderful.   And then another marvellous display by a hurricane and  a spitfire. 


The band played God save the Queen and everyone stood.  The sun shone . All walks of life attended, smart casual was the dress code, some wore hats , some rain hats!  A lot of children lined the route when we were waiting all looking very smart in school uniforms, flags waving. Memories for when they get older.

A big thank you for letting us go.  We all enjoyed our day.

John and Sue Williams, Roy and Audrey Knight. Glatton.

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