Glatton’s tribute to its own D-Day veteran – Roy Knight

Roy served in the Royal Navy as a Landing Ship Commander on that day – 6th June 1944.

The presentation was organised by Terry Brignall and our Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Simon Bywater, came along to pay tribute to Roy.  During his address Simon called for a minutes silence to give time for reflection. With the help of Liza Nicholson, who made a wonderful flower arrangement in the shape of an anchor and the numbers 75, presented them to Roy.  A bottle of Lambs Navy Rum was presented by Adam Stretton.

Also present was Mick Brewin, a Freshlink driver who brought along one of the 3 cabs from the lorries involved in loading and transportation of the D-Day 75 Chelsea Memorial Garden, designed by John Everiss,  to Arromanches in Normandy, France, where it is cited as a permanent reminder.

It was a lovely, warm, sunny evening and the villagers turned out in force to pay their own tribute to Roy.  In his typically  modest way Roy expressed his emotional gratitude to us all. The atmosphere was very loving and moving.

Roy ‘s wife Audrey, along with some of their family, were delighted to see Roy receive these tributes.

Thank you Roy, we live our lives in freedom because of people like you.

N.B: Glatton Resident, Lee Juniper, was instrumental in transporting the D-Day Commemoration Garden from  Chelsea Flower Show 2019 to Arromanches in Normandy, France, in 3 personalised articulated lorries, to its permanent home.

Photography: Terry Brignall, MBE.
Special Thanks go to:
County Councillor Simon Bywater
Lee Juniper, FreshLinc Ltd.
Liza Nicholson – Ivy Cottage Flowers
Mick Brewin (who has been allocated the particular lorry until its demise)  and
Terry Brignall.

N.B: Sadly, Roy passed away on Sunday, 11th August 2019.

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