Carole Green – (Moderator/Admin) –  Tel: 01487830357
Paul Cole (website) –

Glatton Parish Council:
Paul Williams – Chairman
Paul Cole – Vice Chairman
Stephen Smith
Carl  Stratton
Neil Mundell-Phipps
Helen Ford –

St. Nicholas Church:
Vice Chair                       John Pigott
Church Treasurer         Heather Barrell
Church Wardens           John Pigott (and vacancy) 01487 832401
Church Secretary          Joan Meiklejohn  01487 831168
Members                        Rosie Darby, Helen Ford.

Village Hall:
Elected Members:
Terry Brignall – Chairman
Paul Williams – Vice Chairman
Jane Brignall – Treasurer
Lisa Smith – Secretary
Representative Members:
Steve Smith – Parish Council
TBD – Glatton Parochial Church Council
Helen Ford remains as unelected Bookings Rep.

Neighbourhood Watch:
Paul Williams
In an emergency incident such as a crime is happening – dial ‘999
In a non emergency – dial ‘101
To discuss or pass on information by e-mail
The mailbox is reviewed daily, so expect a reply within 48 hours.
To discuss an issue with a senior rank contact Sgt Ed McNeill.

Women’s Institute:
WI President: Marion Hodson
Secretary: Verity Ladds
Assistant Secretary: Mandy Allen
Treasurer: Liza Nicholson

Oil Syndicate:
Great Gidding has an oil syndicate in which some Glatton residents already participate and it is happy to have additional members. If you would like to be included in this syndicate, you should visit or contact:- Gidding Village Shop – Aruna Rai – Tel: 01832 293260 or Jane Edwards – Tel: 01832 293555 The minimum order for oil is 500 litres and 2 – 3 weeks notification is required. This lead time is to allow for the overall order to be built up to achieve the best price available.   Jane will notify syndicate members when she is building an order, the price per litre that has been negotiated and asking for your confirmed acceptance.


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